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Parasitic infestations can be prevented; our nurses will tell you how


Pet owners don’t always know that a flea or worm infestation can cause their pet severe discomfort. In extreme cases, parasites can be fatal to animals. It is for that reason you should be treating your pet for parasites regularly.

A flea can have up to 50 offspring every single day. And once they’re settled in a warm environment – your pet’s fur, your furniture and clothes– they can spread at a dramatic rate and be passed on to you and your family.

Flea saliva is an allergen to both animals and humans which means bites result in sore, red, itchy bumps. If your pet has fleas they are at risk of swallowing them whilst grooming. This poses another threat to your companion’s health as fleas tend to carry worm eggs.

There are different types of worms that your pet is susceptible to, however, they all hatch and grow in your companion’s gut, causing them to feel very unwell and suffer nasty symptoms.

Symptoms of worms include:
  • Sickness and diarrhoea
  • Weight loss
  • Increased appetite
  • Dry/coarse fur
  • What looks like grains of rice in your pet’s vomit, faeces and around their bottom
Symptoms of fleas include:
  • Excessive scratching
  • Subdued behaviour
  • Red/brown specks scurrying in your pet’s fur
  • Red, itchy, sore spots, which may also appear on you and your family

If you are concerned your pet has a parasite infestation, or to speak to a veterinary professional about preventative treatments, our nurses are always more than happy to speak with you.

Please note: flea and worm treatment depends on your pet’s species, breed and the type of parasite they have. It is strongly recommended that you speak with a professional before administering treatment to your pet.

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