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The separate cat clinic at our Aspley branch was designed with nervous felines in mind

Our Aspley branch opened in 2001 and boasts a recent refurbishment. Today, as well as having a theatre, large walk-in dog kennels and advanced equipment, our Aspley surgery also boasts a separate cat clinic.


At Ambivet we appreciate that not all pets are happy to visit the vet, especially felines. For that reason, we have established a completely separate cat clinic at our Aspley branch – upstairs and out of the way – so your pet can come to see us with as little stress as possible.

The team at Aspley includes 2 of our veterinary surgeons, a dedicated team of nurses and a receptionist, all of whom are passionate about animals and the care they receive.

Some of the services and facilities at ourAspley branch include:
  • A completely separate cat clinic (away from the general clinic)
  • Separate recovery wards for cats and dogs
  • An operating theatre
  • An extensive dispensary
  • Radiography, ultrasonography and dental facilities

If your pet ever requires blood or urine analysis, their samples will be sent to the laboratory at our Heanor branch. Additionally, should your pet need to stay with us overnight, we will make the necessary arrangements to safely transport them to our main hospital.

“We have worked very hard to provide a safe, secure and separate environment for the examination and treatment 0f our feline patients and as long standing members of ISFM (International Society of Feline Medicine), we think this enhances the levels of care we can offer.”

– Amy Kukan Veterinary Surgeon

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Surgery Phone Numbers:

Heanor – 01773 717 780
(All Heanor telephone calls are recorded)

Ripley – 01773 747801 / 01773 747802

Ilkeston – 01159 309729

Aspley – 01159 292552

Wollaton – 01159 829730

For more information about our Ilkeston branch, or to book an appointment for your pet,
please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 0115 929 2552.