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We have 22 qualified nurses spread between our branches who can offer knowledgeable advice about your pet’s diet


If your pet gains weight, the effects are very similar to those that you would experience; tiring quickly, having mobility difficulties and becoming susceptible to nasty conditions. It is important you are feeding your pet the correct diet and exercising them regularly.

With so many pre-packed pet foods for you to choose from you’d be forgiven for selecting the wrong diet for your companion. However, if your pet is consuming more energy than they are using, they will begin to put on weight quickly.

“Obesity poses a threat to an animal’s health in the same ways it does a human. It puts strain on their organs and joints and can lead to serious health problems and in extreme cases, death.”

– Cathryn Pugh Registered Veterinary Nurse

The best way to prevent your pet from putting on weight is to exercise them regularly. Cats love to play, rabbits can be taught to fetch and all dogs love to be walked (the distance depends on their size and breed though). You can have great fun with your pet and form a strong bond whilst keeping them fit and healthy at the same time.

If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, or would like some professional advice about the food they should be consuming, our team of nurses will be more than happy to help you.

We have 22 nurses spread across our five branches, all of whom have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to animal diets and weight management.

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